Helping to Save The Oceans

The Bathhouse & Soapery is based in Mevagissey, a small working fishing village located on the South Cornish Coast. since early 2017, there has been an emphasis on reducing single use plastic. Focused mainly on Drinks Bottles, Straws and Catering Waste. 

The Bathhouse & Soapery looked at its own products and What we could do to help reduce single use plastic from our product ranges. Read on to see how you can help us reduce Single use plastic getting into our oceans.

In January 2017 Sky, launched thier Sky Ocean Rescue Campaign, bringing the publics attention to the amount of plastic that is found in the worlds oceans. "Every minute, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of plastic goes in to our oceans, it never decomposes and will remain there forever. If nothing changes, by 2050 all the plastic in the ocean could weigh more than all the fish. Our oceans health affect us all so we need to come together to take action and protect our oceans." Source

So here at the Bathhouse & Soapery, We have started work on reducing the amount of plastic in our product packaging. Heres what we have done so far and what we are planning to do, in the coming months and how you can help Save our Oceans!


The Bathhouse & Soapery Handmade Soaps were wrapped in plastic to help protect them during shipping and to protect them whilst on the shelves in the shop.

In February 2018, we held a poll on our facebook page asking our customers, if they would be happy for our soaps to go naked or remain wrapped, The result was an emphatic "NAKED". Although EU cosmetic regulations require us to provide product labelling, when shipping our products, The soaps will be packaged into paper bags with labels attached, when bought online, But 100% naked on the shelves in the shop.

The Bathhouse & Soapery made over 800 kilos of Handmade Soap in 2017, that is 8000 bars of soap, each wrapped in plastic, weighing a total of approx 1.2 kilos in total. 


What else are we doing? We changed all of our mens range into aluminium bottles in 2017, however the pump system that we use, are made from plastic and the tube within that system, although 100% recyclable is very muc like a straw and if it entered the ocean, then We would be no better off than the single use straws used by catering firms. So the question is how do we tackle, a piece of packaging that is very much required in the dispensary of our products?

Firstly this does not just affect the mens range, but also all of our lotions, shampoo/bodywashes and Hand and Face Washes, so about 20 products in total, that require a dispensary factor to the packaging. 

ANSWER: We will be removing all Pump systems from ALL general packaging of these products and replacing with screw tops. We understand that customers require a dispensary facility, So to reduce waste, we will give online customers the option of purchasing with or without pump, there will be an extra charge for the pump and a percentage of that extra charge will go to charity (TBC). Therefore encouraging customers to re-use the pumps that they already have and only replace when needed.

Just like the mens range of products, The Bathhouse & Soapery will be replacing the current plastic bottles that our Hand & Face Washes and Shampoo/Bodywashes are currently packaged in, with Aluminium Bottles, That means our 10 Different Products, that sold over 500 bottles in 2017, with a plastic weight of 200 Kilos. Will Now save 200 Kilos of single use plastic from going to land fill or ending up in our oceans.

The Bathhouse & Soapery have also looked at how we can reduce waste, in regards to our Shampoo/Bodywashes and Hand & Face Washes. To that end, We have decided that by the Summer of 2018, if you bring your empty Aluminium Bottle Back to our shop in Mevagissey, We will refill for you at a reduced cost!

REDUCING WASTE AND SAVING YOU MONEY! Online customers will have to wait for this feature, whilst we try to adopt a system of returning your bottle to us by post, We will endeavor to have this in place by March 2019.

Our Bath Soaks, Bath Milks, Bath Teas and Bath Fizzes will be packaged into Paper bags, rather than the Glass Milk Bottles and Plastic Pots, previously used.

Our Bath Bombs are currently wrapped in shrink wrap, We are currently in talks with a US company that provides bio-degradable shrink wrap, We only use this wrapping facility during the Winter, when the damp air can cause problems with the product. During the Summer our Bombs will be naked, or wrapped in tissue paper, when ordered online.

So the plan is that by the end of 2018 early 2019, The Bathhouse & Soapery would have reduced it's plastic packaging by 95%, saving nearly half a ton of plastic a year from entering Landfill or our Oceans. Along with our customers, recycling, re-using and replacing the use of single use plastics with alternatives.